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Online Designer – Shadewarehouse

Online Designer

Innovative Online Designer 

Use our online design tool to create custom graphics for your décor products!

Perfect for Homes, Retail Store Fronts or Offices, Customer design online is not just a décor item but a custom designed conversation piece!  We wanted to build a tool that allows each person to harness the designer inside themselves and create their own custom printed décor item.

The Shadewarehouse Design Studio brings together over 25 years of custom printed décor knowledge in a single, powerful creative platform.


Remember that great image that you took on your trip to Hawaii?  Print it.

How about the cutest picture ever of your child? Print it.

Eye popping graphics for your Office? Print it.

Exciting window graphics for you store front to drive foot traffic?  Print it.

Whether you are a seasoned graphic design professional or an enthusiast of unique, printed art, we offer best-in-class file upload support for your project.

  • PSD / TIF
  • AI / EPS / SVG / PDF
  • RAW / NEF


Shadewarehouse offers graphic design consulting and services at “Work with our Designer to help you get your project done right.

Fortunately, there are lots of options to find great images for your project.  Below we have listed a few of our favorite sites to search for the perfect design for your custom printed v shade.  

Shadewarehouse offers graphic design services and consulting for your custom printed decor projects.  Contact us directly and we will be happy to help.


We built the Shadewarehouse Design Studio with you in mind.  See your shade update in real-time as you make changes the industry-leading options that we offer.

  • Sizing (Enter your dimensions and get pricing!)
  • Motorization
  • Fabric Style
  • Image Orientation


We like free shipping too.  All of our shades are custom produced for you.  From design to printing to shipping, every step is custom for you.

PRODUCTION IN 1 to 2 weeks

Generally speaking from the time you click “purchase” to a custom printed décor item arriving on your doorstep takes between 7 to 10 business days.


If you prefer to work with a professional graphic designer, you can Work with our Designer to create your custom décor items.

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact Shadewarehouse.  We are available via our online chat on our site or you can email us at sales@Shadewarehouse.com or call us at: (800)-392-9860

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