Custom printed window shades for home

Shadewarehouse roller shades are perfect for your home and can be an amazing addition to your interior decorating plans. You can create your own custom window shades online or work directly with our designer to create your design! 

We allow you to design the perfect window shade for your kitchen, dining room, living room.  Your shades are only limited by your own imagination. 

  • Kitchens
  • Dining Rooms
  • Living Rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Outdoor space
  • Home office
  • Pool House
  • Children’s Rooms
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Custom printed window shades for your kitchen

How important is your kitchen to you? Is it a place of chaos and unrest where people just come and go as they please? Or is your kitchen a place of peace, and tranquility? Does your kitchen have too much light or too little of it? Simple decorations like a Shadewarehouse kitchen roller shade may be able to solve all of these problems.

Kitchen Roller Shades: Let the Sun Shine

Great lighting can affect many things. Feel like you don’t have enough counter space? While lighting can’t give you more of it, it can help you optimize all the counter space that you do have, and Shadewarehouse kitchen roller shades can give you the  amount of light you need to do just that.

Our kitchen roller shades are produced on a  lightweight scrim material that is white and somewhat translucent as opposed to dark opaque material. Even when the  roller shade is down it gives off a glow of the color that is printed, and let’s approximately 40% of the light through, filling your kitchen area with a warm, welcoming light.

With the simple addition of kitchen roller shades from Shadewarehouse, your once drab and dreary kitchen can come alive with light and energy. In fact, it may look like a completely different kitchen altogether!

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Decorating a Nursery – New Ways Of Creativity

Light is an important thing to think about when decorating a nursery as well. Sometimes you want to protect your newborn from UV rays, therefore a dimly lit room is the way to go.  Even if you have large windows, you can still put your stamp on your child’s nursery with our custom printed window shades, keeping the harmful UV rays out, but not taking away from the look and feel of your nursery. Of course they’re hypo-allergenic, and 100% safe for use in the home. 

With our custom window shades your nursery can quickly be transformed easily into a young child’s, and eventually a teenager’s room.

  • Print any image or pattern
  • Easy to install
  • Child safety features 
  • Easy to install 
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Custom printed window shades for outdoors

You may have heard of one of the newest innovations in home decor and home redecorating, today; it’s an exterior window shade. These shades are perfect for your backyard patio or even your RV. Exterior window shades from Shadewarehouse are stylish and creative decor products that are perfect for covering a large area and protecting it from the harshness of the afternoon sun. These new innovations can also afford your children some protection from the sun when playing outside without sacrificing the visual appeal of your home.

  •  Allow diffused sunlight through the fabric.
  • Provide 20 or 30 degree drop in temperature
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Put any image that you like 
  • Hypoalleginic

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