Custom PRinted Floor Murals

When you purchase from Shadewarehouse, there’s no need to own any expensive design software. You can get started on your own custom removable floor decal  with the click of a button.  You can incorporate your own ideas and graphics into the online floor mural designer or you can choose from some pre-made templates that our designers have created.  Once you finish creating your floor mural, you can complete your sale directly from the website and your floor decal will go directly into our printer’s print queue.  In just a couple of days you can have your removable floor decal in your hands and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home!  Click on the design now button to get started and see just how easy designing a floor decal with really Shadewarehouse is.

Custom Floor Mural Are Great For:

  • Short-term indoor advertising where graphics are applied to floor or ceramic tiles, sealed wood or concrete, waxed vinyl, marble or terrazzo
  • Tufted-pile carpet that engineered for indoor, digitally printed carpet or doormats. It may be used outdoors for short periods of time. Ideal for corporate lobbies, waiting areas, foyers, trade show booths and floor graphics.
  • Semi-permanent floor mural for asphalt, tarmac, pavements, concrete,
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Shadewarehouse Wall Mural installed at Cinemark Theaters.

Custom printed FLOOR Murals for Office

A.  Theme – Needless to say, the overall look of your office, shop or building should be in line with the theme of your business or your business name.  For example, if you own a travel and tour agency, a mural of a world map is appropriate on your wall.  Famous landmarks are appropriate floor mural.  

B.  History – It is always interesting to read the history of a commercial establishment: its name and how it came about.  If you do not think that your business’ history is worth sharing with others, then the history of the place where your business is located will be an interesting alternative.   Putting history up on your floor will make waiting time bearable and informative.   

C.  Benefits – To distinguish your business from the rest, your floor can promote the benefits of doing business with you.  Will your customers enjoy discounts and promotional giveaways?  Are your products environment-friendly?   Is there a wide variety of merchandise?  These benefits can be displayed on your wall for everyone to see as soon as they enter.  

  • Highlight your brand 
  • Make your lobby standout
  • Tell your History 
  • Show off you benefits
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Custom printed Floor murals for Retail

Floor Decals Make Customers Buy

Lowering the time shoppers spend making buying decisions and leading them to your product specifically are two major hurdles that products must overcome in a retail environment. Your product is in a veritable sea of other competing products and you want to be the big fish that the shark wants to come and eat. How do you entice that shark to come and pick you? 

  • Give Visual Clues 
  • Added value to your display
  • Helpful buying information
  • Direct your customers to your product
  • Raise Sales
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