Custom Window Shades FAQ

1. What is a Custom Window Shade?

Custom printed window shades are a SignGrafx exclusive. A window shade that allows you to put any image or customized message on a functional commercial proven window shade system.  Our window shades have been used in a wide variety of retail environments for a number of different reasons. The window shade can help you cut down on light pollution, keeps your location cooler by blocking thermal radiation, and allows you another avenue in which to brand your store.

All you have to do is provide the graphics and the dimensions, and we can build a product suited to your needs. You can choose to install your window shade inside the millions, outside the millions, in a hanging or horizontally installed position. You can choose from opaque or non-opaque materials and you can stretch one image across multiple windows (as shown at left) for a truly unique effect.

2. What Is The Maximum Size I Can Order?

Typically storefront window areas are between 36″ and 71″ And our setup is meant to handle these as expeditiously as possible. But, if you have windows that are larger than this, it is still possible that we can produce these shades for you, too. You will certainly need to call us ( 1-800-392-9860 ) to discuss your window’s dimensions and goals.

3. Caring For Your Custom Window Shade

Caring for your new SignGrafx custom window shade is a snap. If you want to wash your window shade, simply remove it from its mounting clips and clean it with mild soapy water and a cloth. Don’t use harsh chemical cleaners, rubbing alcohol, or solvents to clean your shade as this may have a detrimental effect on your custom graphic. If you are unsure about your cleaning, test in an inconspicuous area and evaluate.

4. Custom Window Shades That Are Not See-Thru?

If you desire a custom window shade that is not see through, we can certainly accommodate this as well. Custom Window Shades from Signgrafx can be made to be 100% opaque as well. They will NOT be blackout curtains but they will have no perforations that allow a certain amount of light in. Just choose the opaque shade option when you design online and you’ll be all set!

5. Are The Window Shades Safe For Food Prep Areas?

Yes! One of the major industries that have taken advantage of our custom window shades has been in the food service industry. Your window shades will be a perfect fit in this sort of environment due to their ability to be easily cleaned and the fact that they are completely hypo-allergenic.

6. How do I measure my windows to ensure they fit properly

We have created a useful tutorial on the methods available to measure you window shades. You can download the info in PDF format by clicking the link below:

How to measure for your Window Shade with pictures