Window Shade Sizing

All of your window shade sizing questions answered.


The window shades can be of any size up to 73″ in one direction and 144″ in another direction.

For example:

73″ wide x 144″ tall? not a problem.

144″ wide x 73″ tall? not a problem.

144″ wide x 144″ tall? problem.

In the past, we’ve had customers ask for shades that were wider than 144″. I these cases, we’ve split the shade area into two shades. So, if ¬†you have an extra wide area, it’s still possible to use our products. But your image will be split between two shades.









Learning How to Measure for your Shade






Use this simple guided illustration to help you get the proper measurements for your window shades. Measure the top, middle, and bottom of your window, and then give us the smallest number as your width, and then measure from anywhere the height of your window. Simple as that!


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