Texas Sunsets and Light Blocking Window Shades

Here in Texas, our sunsets are not only known for their beauty, but for the intensely harsh western sunlight. This light beats through west facing windows and wreaks carnage on leather and cloth upholstery, Persian rugs, designer pillows, wood tables … the list is endless. Light blocking window Shades are an interior design’s best friend.
What better way to protect and enhance our most precious and comforting valuables, than with Custom Light Blocking Window Shades. Use images that complement or accentuate an interior design theme placed right inside a window frame. Place stock photos of a favorite artist on light blocking window shades in the living room. A botanical drawing of a favorite flower, in the window, above the kitchen sink. Put a child’s own art on her bedroom light blocking window shades. Why not use a lake house vacation photo of one of our famous Texas sunsets?
Texans have always been creative when dealing with our brutal sun. Now we can create and enhance our own beauty, while protecting our valuables from extreme sunlight, with Custom Light Blocking Window Shades.

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