Printed Custom Solar Shades

 Custom printed solar shades are the hottest new thing in the retail industry. Whether you’re trying to jazz up a storefront in order to increase foot traffic, or trying to give your office space that extra bit of appeal,  solar shades can offer all of these things at an affordable price. is a leader in the custom window treatment industry with 15 years in the business. We have the fastest turnarounds in the industry and no job is too large for us to handle.


Get a Quote

 You can get a quote for some printed window shades in several different ways: you can chat with us online, you can fill out a quote request form here, or you can give us a call at 972-392-3999. We strive to return quotes to our clients within 2 hours of receipt of the quote request. Quotes for printed solar shades received during non-business hours are returned to the next business day.


Solar Shades are made for Commerce

 Our shades are made for the retail industry. They’ve been used in everything from television shows to high-end chocolatiers. When you want to get your message out in a big way, solar shades are the way to go. You’re able to brand your location, set a mood with your decor, and turn more shoppers into customers.


City Code Restriction Friendly

 One of the great advantages of the window shades are that there almost always city code friendly. City codes have gotten so complicated that it’s difficult to understand exactly what is allowed and is not. The great the thing about’s window shades are that they usually do not fall under the purvey of city codes because they are on the inside of the window. They can easily be considered the core piece and not an overt advertisement, which means you’re free to do what you like instead of having to seek city code approval for your project.