Rush Ordering Your Window Shades

dummyDo we accept rush ordering? Yes.

If you have a rush order,  you really need to call us to discuss your order, your artwork, and your timetable. Contacting us by contact form or email is not the best way to ensure you get your rush order addressed and fulfilled in time.

PLEASE CALL 972-392-3999 ASAP for rush order consideration

Don’t Forget Installation Time

When calling, please let us know you need something on a rush basis, and be sure to let us know when your due date is. Putting up a number of window shades could take half a day or more, so be sure to add that into your timetable.


Rush Shipping  in 24hrs

If your artwork is perfect and you get in touch with us early enough in the day, it’s possible for us to ship on the same day. In general though, you should assume that rush orders ship on a 24 hour basis. If you ask for and are confirmed for rush status, we guarantee your package ships out by the day you’ve requested. Of course, things happen with FedEX and UPS and sometimes they don’t fulfill their promises on shipping times. If this happens, let us know and together we can take it up with FedEX or UPS.


Our Usual Non-Rush Turn-Around Time

Also, please note that our usual turnaround time for non-rush orders is usually 48 hours. It’s not a guarantee but it’s generally pretty accurate. All packages, by default, are shipped out with ground service. So, 48 hours + ground shipping time is the amount of time it will take to be delivered to you. If you need something rushed, you will also need expedited shipping.