How Roller Window Shades Work as Temporary Window Shades


If you’re looking for temporary window shades, one of your best options is to use roller window shades from Roller window shades are a great choice for temporary window shades for many reasons, but none better than how simple they are to install and replace. As apposed to wooden blinds, or extravagant curtains, roller window shades are a breeze to put up, and more importantly, take down.

Easy to Install Temporary Window Shades

To install these temporary window shades, all you have to do is sink 2 screws to attach the hardware to the window frame, and then clip in the shade. The hardware is typically quite low profile, at only about 1” by 2”, and is available in different colors to blend in and practically disappear.

Easy to Replace Temporary Window Shades

Then to replace these temporary window shades, all you need to do is unclip your current shade and clip in your new one. It’s super simple.  Just think, you could have different window shades for every season!  From Valentines Day all the way to Christmas!  From St. Pattys day to Thanksgiving, you can have a specific, easy to replace temporary window shade for every occasion.

Custom Printed Temporary Window Shades

But this just makes them temporary window shades. What makes roller window shades a better choice than other types of temporary window shades is that they don’t look like temporary window shades. They look sleek, clean, and professional, because they double as permanent window shades. With you can also customize your temporary window shades.  We aren’t talking just size either.  You can choose any color, or combination of colors.  On top of that, you can can choose any design you want as well!  Patterns, Logo’s, Pictures, Text………. the sky is truly the limit.  When you’re looking for temporary window shades, it’s a good idea to check out roller window shades, and when you check out roller shades, check out the custom roller shades from

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