Roll-Up Window Shades – Roll-Up Window Shades are Completely Customizable

Blind18Here’s the thing about most window shades – they’re pretty boring. Even if you manage to find ones that fit your style, most of them are just, well, plain. Sure, they can be pretty, and they can match your decor, but sometimes, we want something more than just pretty. Sometimes, we want something that doesn’t just match, we want something that stands out.
That’s where Shade Warehouse’s Roll-Up Window Shades come in. Not only are they inexpensive – they can be as little as $8 per shade – but they are completely customizable. And we mean completely. You just tell us the size it needs to be, and what image you want on it, and we’ll do the rest. Seriously, whatever image you want, we can put right on our Roll-Up Window Shades, so you can make every room truly unique.
Let’s say you’ve got a thing for Japanese decor. You’ve got the Shoji screens, the Kotatsu tables, the Tatami mats – all you’re missing are a nice pair of shades. Now, you could go for a pair of real bamboo shades – which can run you upwards of $30 per shade – or, we can make you shades that look like real bamboo shades. But, why stop there? How about a nice zen garden? We can do that. Maybe you’d like to look out at the ocean, Mt. Fuji standing in the distance? We can do that too. Any image you can upload, we can put on your Roll-Up Window Shades.
So why deal with plain, boring window shades, when you can have something amazing? With Shade Warehouse’s completely customizable Roll-Up Window Shades, you can look out at a beautiful view – even when your shades are down.

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