Roll up window shades are completely customizable


When you need to design or redesign a store, you need window coverings that fit your business’ style. But it can be a real hassle finding things that work, especially if you’ve spent a lot of time and money cultivating a unique image.


Some window shade companies say that their products are custom, but what do they mean? You can choose from their selection of fabric patterns, but that’s not really custom. Custom means just the way you want, not just choosing from a catalog. When you want something really custom, there’s another way to go.


Roll-up window shades are completely custom. You can get them in any size, with any (and I mean any) image or pattern you want. There is literally no image you can’t put on roll-up window shades. You can go online and choose any image that fits, or you can design something all your own.


If you’ve hired a company to brand your store, you spent a lot to create an image that reflects your company’s principles. With roll up window shades, this effort isn’t wasted once you get to your shades. You can now carry that branding over to the roll up window shades.


If you need custom window shades for your project, you need roll-up window shades, the only window shades that are completely customizable.

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