Printed Window Shades – Printed Window Shades for the Home

Window shades are great – they keep the sun out, the A/C in, and they can look pretty nice, too. I say ‘can’, because I have to say, most window shades are pretty boring. Yes, they come in a variety of makes of models, but that variety is still just…plain. Boring. All I’m saying is, you can do better. How? Well, let me tell you a little something about our printed window shades.

Our printed window shades are completely custom. We know, there are plenty of other sites out there that offer custom window shades – but we don’t mean “Here’s a list of colors and patterns for you to choose from” custom, we mean really, truly custom. You give us the size. You give us the color. You give us the pattern, or the image, or whatever it is you want on your printed window shades, and we make it. Now that’s what we call custom.
Honestly, any image you can find and upload, we can put on your printed window shade. Whether it be the New York skyline, a tropical beach, or even a buffalo (it’s been done before) – we can hook you up. So no matter what the decor may be in your home, we can make you a window shade that not only matches – it pops!

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