The Next Big Advertising Trend: Printed Window Shades

Printed Window Shades – The Next Big Thing


An old stand-by with new capabilities:

Window shades are definitely old-school. They’ve been around forever with few major changes. If you’re thinking about decor, they are certainly important, but would they even cross your mind when thinking of advertising? Probably not.

But thanks to advancements in the printing industry, you can now get printed window shades custom made for your brand. These can make a big impact on foot traffic and brand awareness. These days, any comprehensive store plan, or even marketing plan, would be incomplete without a consideration printed window shades.

Storefront branding made easy

It’s incredibly easy to brand a storefront when all you need is to upload a design and make a phone call, or send an email. No more worrying about different types of fixtures, or exterior signage and the city codes that go with it. Whatever you want a storefront to look like, it will, and with only one product.

Advertising with some serious added benefits

Printed window shades come with some impressive benefits:
* Decreased energy costs: Printed window shades filter light in the summer and help keep A/C costs way down.
* Reduced merchandise spoilage: Printed window shades protect merchandise from heat and UV damage.
* Happy employees: Keep employees cool in the summer, because a happy employee is a productive employee

Easily customized and implemented

Printed window shades could be the easiest part of your marketing plan. Once you have a design you like, all you need to do is measure the windows and call a company like You can upload your design and have your shades in a few days.

Whether you need to brand one store, or hundreds across the country or the world, it’s easy to make printed window shades work for you. You can even make changes to your design for each store or branch of a company, and have them sent directly to each one. There’s no need to hire an installer, because installation is a matter of sinking 2 screws for each shade, and then clipping the shade in. And clean-up just means wiping them down with a damp rag.

If you aren’t considering printed window shades in your marketing plan, you’re missing out on the next big thing in advertising.

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