Modern Window Shades for a Modern Design

modernIt can be tricky to find the right window covering for your modern home or office. Traditional shades and curtains can ruin the feel of a sleek, modern room, while more modern window shades can get very expensive very fast. What other options do you have if you want modern window shades?

There’s an exciting new trend taking hold in interior design: custom-printed window shades. These shades are typically roller shades, which are quite simple and unobtrusive on their own, but with an important twist that turns typical window shades into modern window shades: they can be printed with any pattern, design, or image you can dream up.

If you need to match a color scheme and a style, it’s much easier to design exactly what you want and upload it to a custom window shade site than to go to a store or your supplier and try to find something that fits your, or your client’s, style and budget.

These modern window shades will make you look like a genius, and they’ll save you money too. Depending on volume, you can get these modern window shades for as little as $8 per sq. ft.. Custom-printed window shades are definitely worth checking out the next time you need window coverings for a modern room.

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