Make your home more energy efficient by redecorating

The Calgary Sun recently published a post entitled give your tired home a spectacular facelift, and it had a great piece of advice about updating your window treatments:

“Dress the windows up … or down: The key to modernizing window treatments is to make changes that not only look good, but allow the window to perform more efficiently.”

Shade Warehouse has been endorsing this idea for a long time. That’s why we’ve spent years developing window shade technology that not only can match any design scheme, but also helps make your home more energy efficient.

Our custom roller shades can be printed with any image, so they’re always the perfect fit for any decor. Whether you want to give your home a traditional look, or update to a more modern aesthetic, you can make beautiful custom roller shades that tie a room together.

Another way we at Shade Warehouse have been innovative in the window covering industry has been developing proprietary shade materials which allow for different levels of light and heat transmission. For those who want to filter direct light but still want some natural light to brighten up a room, we created a perforated, vinyl-coated fabric that blocks 40% of light and radiant heat. For when you need to block more light and heat, we have an opaque material, which blocks 70%.

Our custom roller shades are printed on one side, and bright white on the other; when installed with the printed side facing in, the white side will reflect light instead of absorbing it. Our custom roller shades are also outdoor durable, so they can be installed on the outside of windows to further reduce heat gain through the windows. When you install shades on the inside of windows, they will certainly make a difference in the amount of heat gained through the windows, but the most effective option is to block the light from reaching the glass to begin with. With a shade mounted to the outside of a window, the bright white back of the shade reflects sunlight, not allowing it to heat up the glass, and therefore, your home.

When you update your home, do more than make it more beautiful, make it more comfortable and energy efficient with custom roller shades form Shade Warehouse.

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