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How you mount your shades depends on your answers to a couple of questions:

1) Do you want the entire surface of the window covered?

When mounted outside the mullions, your shade will overlap the mullions by about ¾”. When mounted inside the mullions, your shade will leave a ⅝” gap on either side.

2) Do you want your shades to sit flush with the mullions, and is there enough room for this?

When mounted outside the mullions, your shade will sit about 2” in front of the mullions. When Mounted inside the mullions, the shade will sit flush with the mullions. You can only mount your shades this way if the depth of your mullions is at least 2”.


Once you’ve answered these questions, you can start to measure your windows for the type of mounting you want to use. Keep in mind that exact measurements are very important for the width of the shade. The height is not as critical, as we add 6” to the height, and the roller mechanism allows you to keep the shade lowered to any point.


For Inside the Mullions:

First measure across the width of the top of the window, from mullion to mullion. Note the exact size, down to the smallest fraction of an inch your measuring tape allows for. Now, repeat this measurement across the middle, and then the bottom of your window. You want to use whichever one of these measurements is the smallest. Please give us only this measurement; we will cut your shade to the correct width to accommodate the shade hardware.

Now measure the height of your window, from mullion to mullion. Measuring once through the middle is sufficient for the height.


For Outside the Mullions:


Size Restrictions:

Your shade cannot exceed 73” in more than one dimension.

What this means is that if your shade is over 70” long, it cannot be more than 70” inches wide, and vice versa.

If your shade is less that 73” long, we can produce it up to 144” wide.

If your shade is less than 73” wide, we can produce it up to 144” long.

If your window is any wider that 144”, then your graphic will need to be split into 2 or more shades. Please give us a call at 972-514-7239 to discuss your options for large shades.

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