Your Full Color Graphics

Use your company logo or a full color graphic: We produce your graphics in full color detail. You can upload your images directly to us and we’ll do the prepress work for you. You can even get a proof before production begins.


PMS Color Matching

If you have a PMS color system already laid out for your store we can follow any markup scheme you send our way. We’ve been working in the interior retail decor industry for a long time, so we know the value of consistent color and branding. All you have to do is spec your PMS colors when setting your order up with our account reps and we’ll take care of the rest. Note, we can’t print spot colors and some PMS colors fall outside of the CMYKlmlc color space. If those things might be a problem let us know and we can work out a solution for you.

Full Color Photos Reproduction

Subtractive color mixing: Three splotches of p...

Subtractive color mixing: Three splotches of paint on white paper, subtracting together to turn the paper black. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Printing a window shade from a photograph is the same as producing something from a vectorized illustrator file. Given that your image has enough resolution, your JPG’s and PSD files will print out perfectly on our shade printer. The main thing you need to worry about is double checking that your file has an acceptable resolution for the size you want to make your shade. (We spec at minimum, 72dpi at full size). If you need help with your resolution or whether your file will print well enough or not, get in touch with us and we can help!


Razor Sharp Text

Vectorized text is ideal when making any sort of branding statement or logo. If you’re delivering a graphic that has text in it, please  be sure to outline it in order to ensure than we can open it properly! Failing out outline text could cause delays in your product going out the door. And since our turn around times are so fast, we really need be as efficient as possible in  order to give you the quality product in the timeframe you’re asking for!