How to Install Your Printed Window Shades has attempted to make the installation of your custom printed window shade as easy as possible.  We have provided you with almost everything you need to install your printed window shade with ease.  All you will need is a screwdriver (preferably a cordless power drill), and a measuring tape.  A detailed look at what comes with your custom printed window shade can be found here.

Once you’ve gathered everything you need, the first thing you should do to install your printed window shade is to test all the hardware to make sure everything is in working order, and to make sure your custom printed window shade fits into your window.

Once you are sure you have correctly working hardware, and your custom printed window shade is the correct size, next use the screws provided to adhere the brackets to your mullions.  For inside the mullion installation, you can use either set of pre drilled holes on the bracket.  For outside the mullion installation, you will want to use top set of holes on the provided brackets.  It is important to note the difference in the brackets, and which side you put them on your window.  For example, if  you would like the printed image to face outward, you should place the bracket with the moveable latch on the left side of the window, or if you would like the printed image to face inward, you would put the bracket with the moveable latch on the right side of the window.

Once you have attached both brackets to the correct sides on the mullions of your window, you should be able to easily hang the custom printed window shade itself.  First slide the “clutch end” of your window shade in the corresponding bracket.  This is the one with the hole on the end of the shade, and the bracket with the extrusion (not the one with the moveable hook).  The shade should like easily into the bracket, next place the end of the shade with the extrusion into the bracket with the moveable hook.  It should slide right into the bracket and the whole shade should lay flat.  Now just push the hook over the extrusion to “lock” it in place.

Now you’re done, and it’s time to use your new custom printed window shade!

Problems?  Contact Us!  We Can Help!

We have tried to make installing our custom printed window shades as easy as possible, but we know sometimes problems will rise up. However, have no fear, we are here for you!  If you have any problems with any part of your installation, we would be happy to help you out.  Contact us by just clicking here or the blue “Contact us” button below, or you can call us at 972-392-3999.