Commercial Window Shades Create More Advertising Space

Today’s world is almost completely saturated with advertising. You have billboards, sidewalks, bus stops and the buses that use them, and so on, and so on. That’s why it’s surprising that most companies buy advertising space before taking advantage of the advertising space they already own.
Windows are often used for advertising, but in haphazard ways. You’ll see posters and window displays, but these tend to look a bit thrown-together. You’ll also see window shades, but they’re usually just grey or white, with no advertising or branding. It’s such a missed opportunity!
The craziest part is that it’s really easy to get custom-printed commercial window shades. It’s strange that very few companies have taken advantage of this incredibly easy way to increase traffic, sales, and brand awareness, while cutting advertising costs.
Before you decide to buy advertising space from someone else, take a moment to think “Am I fully utilising the ad space I already own?” If you aren’t using commercial window shades, the answer is a resounding “no.” Check out commercial window shades today. Your company could see big increases in walk-in traffic and brand awareness, without buying ad space from anyone else.

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