4 Reasons why Roller Window Shades are the Best Window Shades

There are a lot of window shades, blinds, and curtains on the market, and they all have their own hassles. I’ve used a lot of different shades, and I’ve come to the conclusion that roller window shades are the best of them all, for 4 important reasons:
1: Roller Window Shades are Easy to Install
Roller window shades usually take about 5 minutes to install. Just screw a couple of brackets into your window frame, then clip in the shade and you’re done! It’s almost ridiculously easy. In fact it’s so easy, I have nothing else to say about it, so let’s move on…
2: Roller Window Shades are Easy to Use
Want less light? Pull shade down. Want more light? Pull shade up. If only all window shades made it this easy. I don’t have to mess around with tying big fabric shades up, or getting blinds to pull up or down evenly. Just one quick pull and roller window shades stay right where you want them.
3: Roller Window Shades are Easy to Clean
Have you ever tried to clean those thick fabric curtains? How would you even do that? Do you dust them, or do you have to use a washing machine? I don’t know, but I’m not trying anytime soon, because I use roller window shades. I used to have blinds, but who wants to wipe down every slat and untangle all those cords? I’d rather clean roller window shades. All I have to do is pull them all the way down, and wipe them off with a damp rag.
4: Roller Window Shades are Easy to Customize
And here’s the awesome part: roller window shades are actually customizable. Not like fabric shades, which are “custom” because you can choose which fabric you like. I mean custom custom, like put anything you want on your roller window shades. You want a pattern on there? No problem. A nice landscape so you can pretend you live somewhere prettier? You got it. A bear fighting a dragon? Yup, you can get that too. Literally, and I mean literally, any image you can upload.

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