3 Reasons Why Vinyl Roller Shades are Better than Fabric Shades

If you’ve ever decorated or redecorate your home or office, you know what a sticking point window coverings can be. Many people settle on fabric shades or drapes, because they’re the standard. I really dislike fabric shades and drapes, and I hope to spread the word about the vast superiority of vinyl roller shades. Here are the 3 main reasons I think everyone should choose vinyl roller shades over fabric shades.

1: Style, pattern, and options

Vinyl roller shades offer the widest array of options when it comes to patterns and styles. Because vinyl is, just, such an awesome material, smart people have figured out how to make a synthetic fabric from it. This means we can print on it! Anything you could ever want on a window shade, you can get it on your window shades. Sure beats picking out a fabric swatch, huh?

2: Climate control

One of the coolest things about vinyl roller shades is that they help control the temperature in your home or office. Vinyl roller shades came in opaque and see-through varieties. Opaque shades can block 80% of light and heat from entering a room through the windows, while see-through shades block about 60%. With clutch-driven vinyl roller shades, you can roll your shade up or down to any height, which lets you fine-tune how much heat and light you filter out.

3: Upkeep

Have you ever cleaned fabric window shades? If so, I don’t need to say anything else. You know it sucks, you can just skip the rest of this paragraph. If you’ve never tried to clean fabric window shades, let me give you an idea of how bad it is. First, you have to take the shades down, which means disassembling your shade fixture. Then you either have to shove these thick, heavy piles of fabric into your washing machine, or pay a small fortune to have them dry cleaned. Then you have to get that stuff out of the washer, or take it home. Then you get to reassemble your shade fixtures. Hopefully you haven’t lost any pieces or damaged any of the fabric during all of this. Yeah, it’s no fun.

Would you like to know how you clean vinyl roller shades? You grab a rag or paper towel, dampen it, and wipe off the shade. That’s it. You’re done.

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